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Site updated 1/20/24

Happy-Appy and Ruby. We took in these very old horses.  They have since passed on, Happy at age 33, Ruby at 32.

Welcome to

Jackson Hole Horse Rescue

The oldest Horse Rescue in Wyoming

 This site is for individuals who have a desire to learn about and then help unwanted, abused, neglected and elderly horses find peace and safety in a caring home.  Some will live out their lives at this rescue facility, finding dignity and security. Others will be healed or rehabilitated to find a forever home. 

Jackson Hole Horse Rescue is located on a private 260 acre ranch just west of the Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Airport. The property adjoins Grand Teton National Park.  The owner of the Ranch graciously provides 40 acres of irrigated pasture for the Horse Rescue in exchange for us taking his family and friends riding when they come.  It is a win-win situation.

Jackson Hole Horse Rescue is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, therefore your donation is tax deductible.  Our Tax ID is #26-3534202   Our Wyoming Nonprofit Corporation ID number is 2008-000561283 

On Sept 10, 2023, we added two short videos which tell about Jackson Hole Horse Rescue, how it was founded, and where we are located.  I'm sure you will enjoy them. HUGE THANK YOU to Lara who did the video and editing!

  "Old Folks' Home for Horses"  (opens in new window)

  "We Love Horses"  (opens in new window)

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