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Welcome to the Jackson Hole Horse Rescue

We all have important values and ideals, things we care about. This site is for individuals who have a desire to help unwanted, abused, neglected and elderly horses find peace and safety in a caring home.  Some will live out their lives at this rescue facility, finding dignity and security.

Paintings below can purchased and all or a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Jackson Hole Horse Rescue.

Dawn has been SOLD

The paintings of Dawn and Scout can be purchased at Joan's website  Proceeds from the purchase will be donated to the Jackson Hole Horse Rescue.


Dallas - 30x24


Kelsey - 14x11

The paintings can be purchased at Corrina's website

A portion of the proceeds from the purchase will be donated to the Jackson Hole Horse Rescue. 

Friends - 40x30

Soaking Up the Sun - 16 x20

Cleo - 20x16

Summer - 6x8

Andalusian Stallion - 48x60

Our Story

Jackson Hole Regional Horse Rescue began in the fall of 2008. Jonesy’s old horse, Shadow, developed arthritis and could no longer climb the steep mountains.


What do you do with an old friend who can no longer function as part of an outfitting team? Having him put down was simply unthinkable. On the other hand, a horse is a very expensive pet. What do others in similar circumstances do?


Horses need a safety net. People have “old Folks Homes”. Why not horses? 

How to Help

Saving horses takes your support and funding.  It costs at least $100 per horse per month to care for them; shoeing, vet bills, grain, hay, winter pasture, and general care. Please help by donating.

 The best way to donate is through Old Bill’s Fun Run, August 1 through Sept 18, 2020.  By donating during that time frame we get an additional amount, about 50%, in matching funds from Old Bill’s donors.  So your $100 donation becomes about $150 for the horses. Outside of that timeframe, you can donate online through Paypal or send a check!

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