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Hi to Family, Friends, and all who love horses.
     Yes, our labor of love with these horses at the Jackson Hole Horse Rescue is doing well. We invite you to join us in this worthy cause. We take in mostly old or lame or health-challenged horses.  Our veterinary bills this year are large.  It is costly to care for old horses.

     This is just a reminder that the “Giving Season” for Old Bill’s Fun Run is here. Go to to learn about the project.



    From 9 AM August 11, 2023, until 5 PM Friday September 15, 2023, is the "Giving Season" to donate through the Jackson Hole Community Foundation to help support Jackson Hole Horse Rescue. Donations are appreciated any time of year, but if you donate during those dates, through the Community Foundation, the Horse Rescue gets a matching grant through Old Bill's Fun Run. This matching donation is typically about 50% and is provided by local businesses and donors who contribute to the whole and not to a particular charity. Therefore your $20 becomes $30, or your $100 becomes $150, or your $1,000 becomes $1,500 for the horses. In our care right now are more than 35 horses. It takes more than $2,000 per horse per year to keep them healthy and well fed.  In addition to their direct care, we also have operating expenses of the organization.  So any donation, no matter how small or how large, is greatly appreciated.  We typically rescue more than a dozen horses each year, but we must turn some away for lack of funds and facilities.  Thank you so much for your concern and for helping us care for them. Our Donors* are the reason we can rescue horses. (Donors*: see bottom of page for a list of some of our major donors.)


Here is how to donate so that we get the 50% matching funds;

After August 11, 2023, go to website  Scroll down to learn about different ways you can donate. Click on your preferred method of donation and follow directions. 


If you wish to donate directly to Jackson Hole Horse Rescue, rather than go through Old Bill’s Fun Run, simply mail a check any time of year to: Jackson Hole Horse Rescue, 505 E. Zenith Dr., Jackson, WY 83001.  You will receive a tax-deductible receipt from us, along with a BIG SMILE and a HEARTY THANK YOU for helping the horses.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support! It truly is a labor of love.


“Life always looks better when viewed from between the ears of a good horse.”


Contact us

Jackson Hole Horse Rescue

Executive Director Maury Jones—"Jonesy”

505 E. Zenith Dr, Jackson, WY 83001

Jonesy cell: 307-887-3356

You can also donate anytime with this PayPal button.

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Donors*: some of those who have gone above and beyond 'just donating', and who have who have been the life-blood of our finances.  ANY donation helps so much, but these people have really stepped forward to make sure we have the finances to continue.

Tony & Shelley Aquila, Larry & Sally Adler, Hank & Karen Amon, William & Jamie Bartlett, Dan & Carleen Brophy, Nancy & Lynn & Eric Christopher, Bob & Cathy Culver, Terry & Christine Dedeaux, Jim Yoder & Leslie Falls, William & Jennifer Hayes, Robert & Judy Heinrich, Robert & Gail Hughes, Jane & Carl Kusek, Brandi Long, Russell & Christina Mizelle, Korinne Nelson, Kent & Dianne Nichols, O'Neil Foundation, Kelly Kay & Kelly Parkhurst, Richard & Susan Sugden, Grant Winthrop,

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