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Send inquiries or donations snail-mail to
Jackson Hole Horse Rescue, 505 E. Zenith Dr., Jackson, WY 83001.

You can also call or text Jonesy (Executive Director Maury Jones) at 307-887-3356

or email JHHorseRescue (at)  (by writing the email address this way we avoid spam email generated by web crawlers)

Your donations are badly needed and appreciated. If you donate through the Jackson Hole Community Foundation, Old Bill’s Fun Run event, we get a matching donation of about 50%. So your $100 donation becomes about $150 for the care of the horses.

Method #1.  Old Bill's Fun Run. Mail check or donate online. You can mail a check made out to Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, and mail it to PO Box  574, Jackson, WY 83001. 2022 dates August 12, through Sept 16, 5 PM deadline to be in their office.  Be sure and put in the Memo "for Jackson Hole Horse Rescue".  Be sure and include your name and address and email (strictly confidential), or you can designate it as "anonymous" or you can download the Donor Form and print it and send with your check. 

There are four ways to donate:

1. Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, Old Bill's Fun Run.  We get a matching donation of about 50% through donating this way. Your $100 donation becomes $150 for us.

2. Personal or business check directly to us.

3. Venmo QR Code, scan below

4. Paypal link on this site, below.


To donate online to Jackson Hole Horse Rescue from August 12 through September 16, 2022:

  1. Go to Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities

  2. On the top menu, click on “Donate”

  3. On the “Donate Now” form click on “Event” and then choose “Old Bills”

  4. On the “Field of Interest” click “Animals”In “Keywords” type “Horse” then hit “Submit”

  5. Choose Jackson Hole Horse Rescue “Details” then “Add to Cart”

  6. Put in amount in whole numbers, no dollar sign or decimal

  7. Click Save and go to cart

  8. Click Checkout

Method #2. To donate directly to the Horse Rescue, outside the Community Foundation Old Bill's event period of August 12 through Sept 16, 2022, just send a check to Jackson Hole Horse Rescue, 505 E. Zenith Dr., Jackson, WY 83001 or click on the Donate button at the right to donate online.

 Or you can donate anytime with this PayPal button.

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