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Dori Hammond and Shadow

In Memory of Shadow: 1987-2018

Our horse, Shadow, was the inspiration for Jackson Hole Horse Rescue.  He recently died, just short of age 31.  I had him for 27 years.  My Journal entry;

March 15, 2018. My good buddy Shadow died today. He was three months shy of 31 years old. The best horse I ever had. I’ve had him for 27 years. Gallop through the clouds, old buddy, until we meet again in 28 1/2 years when my time is finally up.

When I go to join Shadow, on September 26, 2047, I want this photo on my casket.

Jonesy Shadow Top of Murphy.JPG

No open casket. I don’t want to look dead. I want everyone to remember Jonesy and Shadow when we were in our prime in the Mountains near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Life always looks better when viewed from between the ears of a good horse, especially a “Shadow” horse.  And you can quote me on that.

Now Shadow has gone to the Great Pasture in the Sky.  He was such a great horse that I’ll bet God Himself takes a ride on Shadow now and then.  Rest in peace, old Buddy!  -Jonesy

In memory of Shadow, please donate to help the other horses that we have in our care.  They will be eternally grateful.

Rae steals a kiss.

Once some ducks tried to kill Shadow and I. My Arabian horse, Shadow—so named as in "scared-of-his-own"—and I were riding up a trail in White Creek just at the crack of dawn. We crossed a tiny creek, then came out of the pine trees as the trail came into the open. Suddenly two ducks exploded from a pond a mere thirty yards to the side. Shadow immediately exploded thirty yards up the impossibly steep hill in the opposite direction. I was grabbing leather, relieved that I was still on top of the horse instead of under him. “Those were ducks!” I cussed at Shadow. He retorted, “But they were grizzly ducks!” Ever since then we’ve called that pond, Grizzly Duck Pond.


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