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"Pasture Pets"
These are horses that are loveable and sweet and need TLC, Tender Loving Care.  They may have some issues such as lameness or former injuries that have healed. They can be ridden around the paddock or pasture at a walk but most of them are not for long strenuous rides.  Perfect for families with young children who just want to be led around on a horse.  Your kids will bond with these horses, especially if you give them treats such as carrots, apples, or 'horse candy' (horse 'cookies' or pellets sold at feed stores).  Try different brands to see which one your horse likes.  Our horses all like the brand which is labeled "Horse Candy.

Daegyn pics.jpg

Daegyn:  A gelding (male) with a former hoof injury.  His hoof grows a scar.  He limps.  Daegyn is okay for leading kids around a pasture or even them going by themselves at a walk.  His former owner, Marilyn, would like to visit him about once a year and she can help contribute to his keep.

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