Other horses may be available.

We DO NOT charge a fee for adoption. If you are financially able it would be nice if you donate.  With some horses we are simply glad to find them a new home.  We do check people out to make sure the horse is going to a good home.


Daegyn is a beautiful Morgan gelding. Dark Brown.  He is rideable but has a limp.  He currently has corrective shoeing and we are hopeful this will correct his limp.  He is a very gentle & loving horse.


Chiclet is a beautiful brown and white paint mare.  We have had a saddle on her but she didn't like it much.  Didn't buck, but was definitely nervous.  She has a deformed right rear hoof, but she gets around just fine and gallops across the pasture.  She just steps a bit short on that stride.  Not gentled to ride.


Nova was adopted.  Nova was available when this was posted but has now been adopted.

Stretch is no longer with us. Stretch is one of the strangest shaped horses I, Jonesy, have ever seen. His papers say he is 13 years old, but if you add 20 years to that I might believe it. All withers and hips, very deep sway-back and no belly.


Weldone is a big brown "Mustang" gelding in his mid-20s.  He was used as an outfitter horse and is retired.  He is rideable but he has a slight limp at this time and no telling if it will completely heal or be chronic.


Aspen is a beautiful paint mare. She used to be a performance horse (barrels and pole-bending) but has sore feet so hasn't been used in a long time. She and Chicklet are sisters.


Dawn was adopted. Dawn is an older mare who needs a home. Friendly. Broke to ride but doesn't know much.

Chaco is no longer with us.  Chaco came to us from the Equine Therapy Foundation. He needs a good home.  He walks 'stiff' on his front legs. We don't know what is wrong. Neither does the vet.