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Page updated 7/24/22

I will update this page as soon as I can.  Jonesy

Other horses may be available. Some will make good "Pasture Pets" for a loving family.

We DO NOT charge a fee for adoption. If you are financially able it would be nice if you donate.  With some horses we are simply glad to find them a new home.  We do check people out to make sure the horse is going to a good home.


Trixie is a beautiful buckskin mare.  Foaled May 19, 2007.  Trixie is very pretty, fat. She foundered (fever in her feet causing lameness) about 3 years ago and that is why we got her. She is almost over it now. The shoer says she doesn't show much evidence of it. Trixie isn't available until September.

Shai 1.jpg


Shai 12.jpg
Shai 11.jpg

Shai July 20, 2022

Shai March 24, 2022

We had a young woman call and say she could no longer afford to keep her horse.  We drove 60 miles to get her.  She is a mare named "Shai". Pronounced shy, it means Gift in Hebrew.  We got her March 24, 2022.  She was very skinny at the time.  Now, July 20, 2022, four months later, she is  looking very good.  Smooth and shiny.  Just a hint of ribs showing.  Shai is in knee-deep grass and clover, supplemented by occasional grain. She is very gentle.  Don't know her age.  She gained weight easily, so perhaps not too old. We had her checked out by the vet and he floated her teeth (ground off the sharp edges).  She is sweet and lovable.


Buffy:  She is a healthy fat mare (female) who walks well, even on long rides, but when she trots, she limps a bit.  Caused by an old injury.  She is not in chronic pain, just 'has a hitch in her git-along', as a cowboy would say.  We have seen her running around the pasture, and she does favor one front leg a bit but that doesn't slow her down.  Approximate age 20.  Her color is described as ‘dun’.


Buffy 2.jpg
Buffy 4.jpg


Dolly 1.jpg

Dolly:  An old mare, really gentle.  No lameness.  Just old enough that she shouldn't go out on long rides.  Short rides are okay. Retired from Forest Service duty.


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