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IRobert & Nugget 6-5-2020 .

A huge thanks to Robert Heinrich who filmed the videos.  He is Jonesy's #1 Right Hand Man. Great photos and vids. Thanks, Robert!


Robert & Lilly



Robert & Lucky



Robert & Cheyenne



Hi to all of our friends who have an interest in Jackson Hole Horse Rescue.


I trust all of you are doing well and enjoying life. Weather is starting to cool and there is a forecast for some snow flurries on Wednesday. Some trees are starting their fall colors. Elk are bugling and it is a great time to be in Jackson Hole. 


Most of you well know all about the Horse rescue, but for those on this list who are somewhat unfamiliar with it,....


I, Jonesy, am the Executive Director of Jackson Hole Horse Rescue,   We take in old, lame, unwanted horses, or horses which have health issues.  The Horse Rescue expenses are substantial. Last year we spent $42,000 to keep these horses healthy and for expenses of the Rescue. None of us are paid by the Horse Rescue; all volunteer labor. 


The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole hosts "Old Bill's Fun Run" every year on the second Saturday of September. It is a fund raiser for all non-profits in Jackson Hole. That is our main fund raiser for the Horse Rescue. Any donations received specifically for the Horse Rescue through Old Bill's are matched by general donations to all non-profits, which comes to about 50% increase to our donations. For instance, if we get a donation of $100 for the Horse Rescue through the Community Foundation Old Bill's, that turns in to about $150 to our bank account. We had a nice booth on Saturday September 7 in downtown Jackson at Old Bill's Fun Run event.  We also had a five-hoofed horse to display on the Town Square, which was a great attraction. (see photos attached) Hopefully it will result in an increase in donations to the Horse Rescue. To date donations are somewhat sparse, but I'm sure the Community Foundation has a number of donations they haven't processed yet.


Anyway, if any of you, or your friends and contacts, would like to help the Horse Rescue with a donation it would be greatly appreciated. (instructions below) Also, if anyone is so inclined and is able to be a major benefactor, the Horse Rescue needs another horse trailer, which will be about $10,000. The old red trailer is rusting out and must be replaced this year. If a donor earmarks $10,000 for a new horse trailer, we will put a plaque on the trailer which says "Donated by........", so it will be "your" horse trailer.


I'm sorry to so blatantly ask for donations to the Horse Rescue, but it is a labor of love for those horses. My personal slogan is, "Life always looks better when viewed from between the ears of a good horse." And going right along with it is, "Saving the life of a horse is truly a labor of love."  Jonesy


To donate to Jackson Hole Horse Rescue from August 1 through September 13, 2019:

Go to Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities  which is

In the middle of the page, click on “Donate”

On the “Donate Now” form click on “Event” and then choose “Old Bills”

On the “Field of Interest” click “Animals” and then in “Keywords” type “Horse” then hit “Submit”

Choose Jackson Hole Horse Rescue then “Add to Cart”

Put in amount in whole numbers, no dollar sign or decimal

Click Save and go to cart

Click Checkout

We thank you so very much for your support and also your friendship. It means the world to us.


Lots of love to you and yours.


Jonesy and Beverly, and Robert

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