Horses that have been Rescued or Adopted

Since our inception in 2008 we have rescued more than 200 horses.  Some were truly tragic cases while some just found themselves without a home, temporarily.  Some have been incredible success stories.

Trey was rescued as a wild two-year-old.  She was part of our string for a few years, then her feet went bad.  Margareth took her in and is giving her lots of TLC.

Sweetie two years later.jpg

Sweetie was a scrawny half-starved yearling.  Both the veterinarian and the brand inspector recommended she be put down.  We took that as a challenge.

Sweetie two years later.  She found a forever home.


Lulu was an old sick starving mule with an abscessed tooth.  A lot of TLC turned her in to quite a pet.  She found a forever home with Scott and Jane Maller.  They take care of our horses in the winter, on their ranch.  They fell in love with her.  At right, Jonesy's grandson Brannen hugs on Lulu.  Lulu finally died at age 37.

Chase was the best $50 horse we ever bought.  He had a badly cut foot and his owner was going to send him to slaughter where they make dog food out of horses.  It took his foot a year and a half to heal but then we used him for several years until his knee went bad.  Kathi adopted him as a pasture companion to Skipper, whom Kathi got from us a few years earlier.

The following were adopted by Nicole and Tim and their children Cody and Naomi, who live near Red Lodge, Montana.  What a generous family to take in these horses, as each of them had problems.


"Purple", bad knee

Stringbean. Very old.

Peg, bad knee

Poor Cuatro he has really bad feet.  The shoer put shoes on backwards to help take the pressure off his toe. Volunteer Deb helping out.

12 year old volunteer, Izzy, gentled and adopted Patience.  A real labor of love with this wild filly.

Izzy Patience 1.jpg

Volunteer Deb gentled and adopted Gypsy, a wild three-year-old at the time.  They LOVE each other so much!  Deb is now on our Board of Directors.  Deb resides in Idaho with Gypsy and Lilly.


Bob, Copper and Cuatro

Robert with Copper and Cuatro.